How This Artist Went From Hippie to Haute Glass Maker

 Artist Went From Hippie to Haute Glass Maker

At the point when Annieglass author Annie Morhauser purchased a 25,000-square-foot distribution center in Watsonville, California, the worry of the speculation made her wiped out to her stomach—truly: she hurled despite owning such a monstrous hunk of land. After twenty years, she can securely say her speculation was a win. The building is the site of the Annieglass earth agreeable glass making office in addition to a lively occasion space. 

Be that as it may, the way to progress was long and winding. It began when she saw a craftsman blowing glass on a shoreline under a full moon 10 years sooner. She was a youthful flower child who needed to make delightful things, and she did only that. She enlisted at the California College of the Arts and concentrated a glass craftsmanship called drooping—rather than blowing the glass, it's held tight snares or forms to make one of a kind shapes. 

As graduation lingered, Morhauser started considering approaches to bring home the bacon doing what she cherished. In my meeting with her beneath, she recounts the account of how she has accomplished both inventive and money related accomplishment with her organization, Annieglass. She as of now utilizes 27 individuals at her glass office in Watsonville, California. Her items are sold at extravagance retailers including Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale's, and you'll locate her overlaid dinnerware in the pivot at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, the Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton, and the Waldorf Astoria. 

Morhauser likewise as of late opened Craftbar at the Watsonville area, with a wine tasting, a specialty larger room, a natural homestead stand, taste pairings (think brew and chocolate, brew and pickles, wine and nectar), and trunk appears. Craftbar is likewise facilitating workshops for glass making, printing tea towels, macrame, and succulent course of action. "Individuals truly need to figure out how to make things, and we're decent at that," says Annie. 

Look at our visit underneath to figure out how Morhauser changed her specialty into a flourishing business—including her tips for new business people, how she remains persuaded and sorted out, and those circumstances she verged on giving it up. 

When you began, did you know much about business? 

"I went to California College of the Arts where I right now exhort understudies in the MBA program, yet the majority of my insight was self-trained and hard won. I was hitched to a man who was not a craftsman—he could see things more plainly than I could. He certainly brought me kicking and shouting into the truth of what it resembled to have a business. 

It was additionally presence of mind. When you began doing dinnerware, individuals purchased sets and everything was on a greater scale. When I left workmanship school I worked at a glass display in Capitola. I saw the retail side and found out about client benefit. 

My first enormous request was from Neiman Marcus in SF. I worked by a natural product stand and utilized their extra boxes to pack everything—I just required three. I got all spruced up and hand conveyed them. I drove my VW bug up the drift and maneuvered into transportation and accepting. They stated, 'You can't be in here!' I escape the auto in this strange cunning ensemble and they shout 'Get out!' And I holler 'I have a request here!!'"

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